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The Cannabis Capital Of The World: San Francisco

Cannabis, like a wide array of other plant species, has existed for centuries. Though some of these plants have served as food, others have restored good health while being used as medicine. Despite the many benefits and fun facts associated with the cannabis plant and its origin, very few people know the capital of this unique and fantastic plant. With many cities across the globe that welcome lots of cannabis tourists, one of such cities pulling more cannabis tourists than its predecessor is San Fransisco. Before obtaining this mantle of the cannabis capital (San Fransisco) of the world, Amsterdam held this mantle for decades and pulled over 19 million cannabis tourists annually till about 2019.

Fast forward to 2020, sandwiched with the legalization of cannabis for its medicinal and recreational uses, San Francisco is not just the cannabis capital of the world but a cannabis hotspot sandwiched with cannabis dispensaries at almost every turn. 

Cannabis Dispensaries, Events, And Culture

San Fransisco is not the cannabis capital of the world by chance; instead, the city acquired this status thanks to the  

  • Number of cannabis tourists
  • Number of dispensaries
  • Cannabis events 
  • Cannabis culture held by the people 

Home to over a hundred cannabis dispensaries, the capital city of cannabis has over 60 events year on year to thrill, entice and make your stay in this city a happy and joyous one. Some of these cannabis events include 

The creation of these cannabis events gave cannabis lovers a cannabis experience like no other. It also offers them the opportunity to try out the very many cannabis products on offer and having an excellent time and the luxury of occupied and switched off from life’s struggles for a while. 

Final Note

If you are a cannabis lover or enthusiast, there is no better city to catapult your cannabis experience to heights unimaginable other than San Francisco. With cannabis dispensaries aplenty sandwiched the cannabis strains of all sorts, visiting this city for once in a lifetime cannabis experience will change your life for the best.

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