+1(415) 970-WEED(9333) MON-SUN : 09:00AM - 10:00PM | LOUNGE HOURS 9:30AM - 9:30PM | ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAX
+1(415) 970-WEED(9333) MON-SUN : 09:00AM - 10:00PM | LOUNGE HOURS 9:30AM - 9:30PM | ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAX

Dispensary Delivery

Because of the benefits of cannabis and cbd, the dispensary delivery business is growing by leaps and bounds, making it one of the nation's fastest-growing services.

Cannabis products are becoming more and more common for recreational and medical use.

In the past, you might have driven to that corner store or the shady guy on campus. That's no longer the case, and you can choose from a range of dispensary delivery services.

You have many great CBD products to choose from; marijuana flowers, vape pens, waxes, oils, edibles, and topical solutions.

Now you can get safe, legal, and discreet dispensary delivery or curbside pickup from our marijuana dispensary or any of the hundreds of dispensaries in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Cannabis delivery services are becoming more popular in states where recreational or medicinal marijuana is legal. 

It is the best way to get great products delivered right to your door by our delivery guy.

Marijuana delivery services are a lot like pizza delivery services. Everyone is looking for a great weed shopping experience with fast delivery. 

Same-day primetime delivery is the norm only by ordering online.

Our Cannabis dispensary's prompt delivery service is also available to San Francisco residents looking to buy cannabis products where there are no local marijuana dispensaries near them. 

Not only is it much easier to buy your weed online than to purchase weed at your local marijuana shop, but many marijuana dispensaries also offer special deals from time to time, such as free shipping and deep discounts on products.

If you haven't tried our dispensary delivery service before, you definitely should check out our menu.

Cannabis Club 2Go is our premier delivery service, servicing most San Francisco locations and surrounding areas.

Now you can get safe, legal, and discreet delivery on any quality product from our recreational and medical cannabis store in the San Francisco Area.

You can hang out at home, watch your favorite TV show, play video games, and you can even take a nap while waiting for your weed delivery.

We offer free delivery on $50 pre-tax minimum orders in the San Francisco area and $250 free delivery in the surrounding regions.

The current wait time is about 90 minutes. Our delivery driver aims to make deliveries within a 90min delivery window, between 9 am - 8 pm. 

The last call for a same-day delivery order placement is 7 pm.

We also offer deals on delivery, so check our deals page for info and subscribe to stay up to date on the latest specials.

We only use the finest quality, premium cannabis available, and you can choose from a selection of cannabis products you like. We'll deliver them to your door!

No matter your needs, excellent customer service is essential to us. You can expect a superb dispensary delivery experience from Mission Cannabis Club Dispensary & Delivery.


We accept Cash, Credit, and debit cards and charge a 4% terminal fee for card use. 

Smart pay is also accepted. 

Payment is only upon delivery.

Delivery notifications

The customer gets a text after the order has been placed and confirmed by the dispensary.

Granted, the customer needs to provide a cellphone number to receive text updates. 

The customer gets another text after the order is packed and then another text when it is out for delivery. 

For questions on order status, customers can reach out via live chat on our website https://missioncannabisclub.com.

Dispensary Delivery Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I tip my dispensary delivery driver?

It's not just pizza delivery drivers and mail carriers who get tipped. In a generous move, some people choose to tip the person who brings them their cannabis. 

Can I pay with my credit card?

We accept all major credit and debit cards and charge a 4% terminal fee for card use. Smart pay, including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay is also accepted. 

How long does delivery take?

We aim to have the best cannabis delivery in the San Francisco area, and our goal is to deliver within a 90min delivery window, between 9 am - 8 pm. 

Who can accept delivery?

The person who places the order online provides contact information, including date of birth and name on government ID. 

The customer who receives the order must be the same and present ID that matches the name on order.

What happens when someone is not home?

The order gets canceled and the customer will have to place it again, choosing a delivery time slot that is available.

What happens when an order is not delivered?

An order will only go out if all conditions are met, including having a valid address entered and correct personal details. 

If the customer is not available at the time of delivery, then the order gets canceled.