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The Ultimate List of Cannabis Beverages

Marijuana has come a long way from the bud that you bought from your neighborhood dealer. In the united states alone, dozens of states have legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana, you can order your cannabis online with marijuana delivery services and you get professionally packaged edible products that contain the active ingredients. Indeed, marijuana has gone a long way but a new category is emerging that will challenge the status quo and will soon be available in all retail settings: cannabis beverages. Cannabis drinks are not a new phenomenon, and with the constant influx of new marijuana containing beverages, it begs the question: what are the categories of cannabis beverages available to consumers, and what should you try? 


CBD Water 

Mother nature’s life bringing ingredient just got pimped out, and you can now get your H20 infused with your other favorite 3-letter word, CBD. The best part of CBD infused water is that it truly is a healthier alternative to regular water because CBD has many proven benefits, including pain relief, improved sleep, and more. If CBD water is not your thing, try flavored sparkling water. You can get many different flavors and brands that not only can contain CBD, but also THC.

cannabis wine.jpg


Feeling fancy? Well, cannabis just got classy with marijuana infused-wine. Although you are technically not allowed to call it wine, these beverages are made alcohol free and with similar processes and ingredients as your traditional wine. Drinking a glass of canna-wine brings cannabis culture to a new level as it is meant to be enjoyed and savored the same way you would your traditional wine. 


Fruit beverages and elixirs

Because consuming cannabis within a drink is so easy, cannabis companies are coming up with creative and delicious ways to make beverages that contain marijuana. We all grew up with lemonade, juice, Kool-Aide, and many other sweet drinks so it is no surprise that there are now alternates that contain THC. 



What is better than drinking cola or root beer? Getting a buzz afterward! When adding cannabis to a carbonated beverage the result is a drink that is not only delicious but also masks the cannabis aftertaste that you sometimes have with certain drinks. 

cannabis beer.jpg

Craft Cannabis-Beer

THC and CBD containing beer is made with the same process as the Bud Light that you are used to. The beer is brewed, and once ready it gets infused with either THC or CBD. Cannabis-infused beer, however, should not be confused with cannabis beer that is made by brewing the roots and stocks of the marijuana plant in place of the barley. 



One of the most prevalent beverages in the world, tea has become a staple in many cultures. Users find drinking cannabis tea to be a relaxing alternative to smoking. The high is mellowed but the medical effect lasts much longer. Various flavors are available containing herbs and aromatic ingredients, including jasmine, chamomile, and others that together with cannabis produce a unique feeling combining the effects that those other herbs provide. 

cresco cartidge block.jpg

Aperitifs and Mixers

This is probably the most important as this is the most untapped subcategory with the biggest growth potential. With social interaction at the forefront, cannabis aperitifs and mixers are used in canna-cocktails in place of alcohol. With the infinite number of ingredients you can add to make your final drink this is the king of the beverage category that will one day make its way into regular bars and lounges as an alternate to alcohol.

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