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MCC Lounge Sesh With Space Coyote

Space Coyote team retreat in Joshua Tree.
Space Coyote team retreat in Joshua Tree.

The cannabis industry is saturated with brands, products, information and disinformation. Mission Cannabis Club strives to be a catalyst for de-stigmatization and to educate and empower our customers to find products that align with their needs and values. 

We’ve decided to chat one on one with some industry leading brands to learn more about them and how they are impacting the cannabis community.  We recently sat down with Teagan Thompson (@teaganrosethompson), Director of Marketing at Space Coyote (@spacecoyote), to learn more about their company and products. 

Space Coyote is an infused preroll company with an impactful community-centric mission. Inside each joint is a blend of quality full bud and delicious concentrates, made in collaboration with your favorite extract brands. Space Coyote celebrates the heritage stoner and their growing community of artists, extractors, and cosmic adventurers with high quality, potent products, and positive-impact programs. Read on to learn why Mission Cannabis Club loves these cosmic pre-rolls and the brand behind them. 


Libby Cooper (@libbycooper) and Scott Sundvor (@scottsundvor) are partners in business and in life. Scott comes from a background in engineering and health technology, and Libby is an artist and designer with experience in brand design, UX, and UI.

Libby first entered into the cannabis industry as the Creative Director at Eaze, but she is and has always been an artist first and foremost. The couple are both stoners and dreamers who spent years alongside close friend and now Space Coyote Director of Marketing, Teagan Thompson, building a unique and groovy cannabis brand while under the influence of the plant medicine. 

Teagan: “Libby always had a love for weed (and animals) and before she entered into the industry, she attended a panel at Yelp on the intersection of cannabis and design. Two years later she was speaking on that same panel as the Creative Director of Eaze!  She always encourages people to enter into the cannabis industry and strives to be a resource to those who want to work in weed. She’s now an advocate and activist in the industry.

Founders Libby Cooper and Scott Sundvor.
Founders Libby Cooper and Scott Sundvor.


Teagan: “The name Space Coyote was born in November 2017 on one galactic night (Scott’s birthday) in Joshua Tree National Park. Imagine a group of friends wandering the desert beneath a new moon meteor shower, coyotes yipping in the distance, and these wild humans howling alongside them. The founders and crew felt like Space Coyotes, and the name and inspiration for the brand had finally been born; now they just needed to bring it to life. 

Scott had always been a fan of adding hash and resins to the joints he would roll because they tasted and felt better. After some market research, the founders realized there was a gap they could fill with infused pre-rolls.”

Space Coyote’s High CBD line in collaboration with Chemistry.
Space Coyote’s High CBD line in collaboration with Chemistry.


Space Coyote’s Director of Operations, Gannon (@whoisgannon), is an OG in the industry and handles all of the flower and concentrate sourcing.  Sustainability and community are important values of the company which is why she strives to source solely from outdoor, sustainable farms, building dynamic relationships with the cultivators.

Teagan and Gannon sharing a Space Coyote.
Teagan and Gannon sharing a Space Coyote.

Teagan: “Since our joints are infused, we take a very intentional approach to pairing the flower and extracts, taking cultivar and terpene profile into consideration. They both need to be complementary to one another. We partner with various farms for the flower and extractors for the concentrate so every batch is unique.”

Teagan introduced us to the concept of dry farming which is how some of their latest releases were grown.

Teagan: “Dry farming is the lowest impact technique to cultivate cannabis while also creating the highest quality flower.  After the clone is planted in the ground, the plant is never watered again. These crops are grown alongside a riverbed where they can access water through their roots.  The plant grows what’s called a “tap root” and it continues to water itself by growing down during dry season. These roots can be up to 20 feet long! There is no need to add water or nutrients, our friend Sunshine from Sunboldt Grown (@sunboldtgrown) calls it ‘do nothing’ farming and we love that.”

Cannabis thrives in this rugged environment. The plant is getting the exact amount of water it needs while experiencing a healthy level of stress, which leads to amazing terpene expressions, flavonoids, cannabinoid profiles, and high potency, resin-rich plants. 

Space Coyote has released two product lines with cultivators who exclusively dry farm, sourcing flower for both extraction and the joints. Their Diamond Infused Joint is a blend of flower and diamonds from Eel River Organics (@eelriverorganics). Their Single Estate Joint, a limited-edition ice water hash infused joint is made in collaboration with Sunboldt Grown, owned by the incredible female geneticist and grower Sunshine Johnston. 

Photo credit: Eel River Organics
Photo credit: Eel River Organics

The majority of Space Coyote’s cultivation partners are small, family farms focused on regenerative, outdoor farming. Their network includes Sunboldt Grown, UV Organics (@uvorganics), Elkhorn Ranch (@elkhornranch), Beija Flor Farm (@beijaflorfarms), Sun N Moon Ranch, and more.

Their extract partners include ice water hash from Nasha Extracts (@nashaextracts), THCa from Guild Extracts (@guild_extracts_), live resin from Utopia (@utopia.ca), cured resin from Chemistry (@trychemistry), and more collaborations with epic extract brands coming down the line.


Diamond Infused Indica Joint
Diamond Infused Indica Joint

Teagan: “We know weed is a good time and we love celebrating the psychedelic side of cannabis. However, there is a darker side to the environmental impact of cannabis that we must work to fix. We have been dismayed at the current direction of the industry when it comes to low-impact, environmentally friendly decisions, which have stemmed from years of misinformation and new regulations. At Space Coyote, we are making changes to set an example for other companies in the industry. We buy sun-grown herb as much as possible, we are designing open-source, low-impact packaging, our apparel is made from sustainable fabrics such as vintage stock and 100% organic fibers. We may be small, but we are mighty! Everyone can do their part, we are in this together.

We have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work regarding our packaging. The short version of a very long project is this: there is only one ‘sustainable’ packaging provider right now for Child Resistant joint tubes and they are unfortunately not airtight leading to a stale product! There is no easy solution to the packaging problem, so we are building a custom tube that we will make available to every company, with the hopes that most will switch over to a more sustainable option. We are a very small company, but it is a priority for us to have a positive impact in cannabis and the world.” 


Teagan: “The supply chain is one, it’s tough to consistently source flower and extract that fits our parameters and meets our high standard of sustainability and quality. We strive to support our small cultivation partners who are struggling from over-taxation and unreasonable regulation. 

With more brands entering the market, it makes for a competitive landscape. We stay top of mind by focusing on nurturing our relationship with retailers, educating Budtenders and dispensary staff to strengthen that connection.”


Get blazed and glazed with Space Coyote.
Get blazed and glazed with Space Coyote.

Teagan: “It all starts with the extract artist. Space Coyote would not be possible without the people who make the delicious concentrates we use; they’re true artisans. We believe that everyone is an artist whether you are artist-identifying yet or not. We all have the ability to channel creativity. It comes easier to some than others but cannabis helps to awaken that creativity. Art is an important part of society and it’s not given the respect or support it deserves. 

We love to partner with up and coming artists: painters, mixed media artists, musicians, fashion designers, and more. We try to support them however we can, and what that looks like varies and evolves depending on the artist. Sometimes we support with event sponsorships, sometimes it’s commissioning individual pieces.” 


Teagan: “Quite simply, the stoner; someone who smokes weed daily and has a higher tolerance, so they’re attracted to higher potency products. We appreciate Budtenders who definitely fit into that group too. The product is also a great fit for the Cannaisseur who wants a top notch, trendy product, and for people who love concentrates but wouldn’t normally buy a pre-roll. They are a good introduction to concentrates for cannabis fans who haven’t tried extracts before, providing the familiarity of a joint.”


Teagan: “The biggest misconception is that high quality means indoor grown. As shown through dry farming and other regenerative farming practices, outdoor cultivation can produce super potent, terpene-rich, high-quality plants with a fraction of the environmental impact.” 


Teagan: “We care so deeply about the quality of our flower and extracts. We periodically create smaller batches so that shops have fresher products. We put lots of thought and research into our pairings to guarantee the best smoke, taste, and effect. The flower and extract inside the joint are fully emulsified, using special methods we developed, so that they are perfectly blended. The joint hits super smooth, tastes delicious and burns evenly. The extract is always inside the joint, not stuck on the outside, so the smoker enjoys all of the extract they’re paying for versus it burning off.”


Teagan:We’re working on a new collaboration with an awesome extract brand that will be released in the coming months, so stay tuned!”


MCC is proud to support such an innovative and conscious company. These pre-rolls are great for sharing, creating, and gifting. Have feedback about your Space Coyote experiences? Please let us know at info@missioncannabisclub.com.